Scent & Aroma Technology

Entertaining and Educational Nose Training Systems

  • Aroma & Nose Training Systems
  • Aroma Product Development
  • Fragrance Product Development

We create, develop and supply specialised Aroma, Scent and Fragrance Products & Systems in niche product areas that “entertain, educate and provide a feeling of well being.”

We are passionate regarding the accuracy and integrity of the science behind everything we do and all of our products and systems are based on world leading scientific and technical foundations.

Our key products include;

  • The Scotch Whisky Nosing Aroma Kit
  • The Wine Nosing Aroma Kit
  • Personalised Perfume Kit/Systems

In addition we also;

  • conduct a series of Aroma Master Classes for select groups focused on each of the niche areas of Scotch Whisky Nosing, Wine Nosing, Perfume Creation, Human Pheromones and “Scientific Aromatherapy”
  • are developing online “aroma communities” via our innovative interactive blogs

Our clear intention is to establish SATS as the premier Scent & Aroma training company.

- Nose Training Systems
- Aroma Smelling Strip System
- Leading edge educational products
- Developing “aroma” communities
- Based on World leading science
- Innovative interactive blogs
- Aroma Masterclasses

Whisky Nosing Kit

Wine Nosing Kit